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TALENTS - The doctoral rift science network for the energy transition

Climate-CO2 emission models point to the urgency for European society to transition from high to low carbon energy sources. This is why we now need to investigate continental rifts, classically sources of oil and gas, but now forefront areas for carbon capture, geothermal energy, and new resources such as native hydrogen. The energy transition requires innovative geophysical, computational and analytical tools for a fundamental understanding of continental rifts, and close collaboration with industry to help solve one of society’s major challenges: building a low carbon future.

The objectives of TALENTS are to (1) increase our understanding of rift initiation, continental break-up and how rifts link to societal benefits and geohazards, (2) train 12 doctoral researchers in scientific, networking, communication and entrepreneurial skills related to the energy transition, and (3) build a collaborative network ensuring results and knowledge are shared with academia, industry, and society.